Results Summary


Description: Onboarding, distribution and instantiation of Basic Network using à la carte
Components: SDC, DMAAP, AAI, SO, SDNC
Name Status Duration (seconds)
[SO] YamlTemplateVlAlaCarteInstantiateStep: Instantiate network link described in YAML using SO a'la carte method. NOT EXECUTED 0.0
[SO] YamlTemplateServiceAlaCarteInstantiateStep: Instantiate service described in YAML using SO a'la carte method. FAIL 186.34
[AAI] ConnectServiceSubToCloudRegionStep: Connect service subscription with cloud region. PASS 0.72
[AAI] CustomerServiceSubscriptionCreateStep: Create customer's service subscription. PASS 13.87
[AAI] CustomerCreateStep: Create customer. PASS 0.91
[AAI] LinkCloudRegionToComplexStep: Connect cloud region with complex. PASS 0.4
[AAI] ComplexCreateStep: Create complex. PASS 0.18
[AAI] RegisterCloudRegionStep: Register cloud region. PASS 2.11
[AAI] CloudRegionCreateStep: Create cloud region. PASS 0.85
[SDC] YamlTemplateServiceOnboardStep: Onboard service described in YAML file in SDC. PASS 71.31