Results Summary


Name Status Duration (seconds)
[SO] YamlTemplateServiceMacroInstantiateStep: Instantiate service described in YAML using SO macro method. PASS 248.6
[AAI] CustomerServiceSubscriptionCreateStep: Create customer's service subscription. PASS 7.12
[AAI] CustomerCreateStep: Create customer. PASS 0.28
[SDC] YamlTemplateServiceOnboardStep: Onboard service described in YAML file in SDC. PASS 83.78
[SDC] YamlTemplatePnfOnboardStep: Onboard pnf using YAML template in SDC. PASS 51.05
[SDC] YamlTemplateVspOnboardStep: Onboard vsp described in YAML file in SDC. PASS 56.45
[SDC] VendorOnboardStep: Onboard vendor in SDC. PASS 3.11
[CDS] CbaEnrichStep: Enrich CBA file. PASS 0.37
[CDS] DataDictionaryUploadStep: Upload data dictionaries to CDS. PASS 12.37
[CDS] BootstrapBlueprintprocessor: Bootstrap CDS blueprintprocessor PASS 2.55
[CDS] ExposeCDSBlueprintprocessorNodePortStep: Expose CDS blueprintsprocessor NodePort. PASS 0.03
[Environment] PnfSimulatorCnfRegisterStep: Register PNF simulator with VES. PASS 127.51
[K8S plugin] CreateInstanceStep: Create K8S instance. PASS 0.94
[K8S plugin] CreateProfileStep: Create K8S profile. PASS 0.14
[K8S plugin] CreateDefinitionStep: Create K8S definition. PASS 0.11
[K8S plugin] K8SConnectivityInfoStep: Create K8S connectivity info. PASS 0.11
[AAI] CloudRegionCreateStep: Create cloud region. PASS 0.07